Wills and Satisfaction Questionnaires

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Client Satisfaction Questionnaire for: Raymond Barnes

How would you describe your family and friends reaction to the celebration?

Amazed – throughout it was spectacular – real WOW factor, very impressed – Superb.
Even the local residents in the Pub afterwards commented that they thought it better then the Official November 5th display.


What did we do particularly well?

Your professional persistence in overcoming the challenges set by T*** District Council for permission. Keeping us informed throughout the process and relieving us of the stress and worry. Your advice on how to make it a special personal event.


What could we have done better?

Exceeded our expectations. The children want to know if they can Advance book for my turn in 25-30 years!


Would you like to add or comment on anything else?

Your passion for such a difficult thing comes shining through. We will never forget your empathetic, friendly approach to guiding us through our trauma to as magnificent, fitting memorial for a much loved husband and father.

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